Common building, 3000 Stautw rd.


In Attendance: Lawrie Robb, Rod Hausberg, Stephen Parslow, Sandy Daniel, Dawson Hausberg, Crystal Pickering, Suzie Stedman, Shawn Odgers, Tao Craig, Daniel Stedman, Edan Stedman, Leo Meyer


Apologies: Gretchen Meyer, Dayton Spanier, Kyle Brocklebank, Alex McKinnon, Quentin Erichsen, Cameron Robb, Theron Markle,  Honorary Members – George and Mark Matthews, Dennis Paquette.


Call to Order

Lawrie called to order at 7:19


Item One – Adoption of agenda

Stephen presented Agenda. Seconded by Sandy. Carried.


Item Two – Adoption of minutes (as circulated) February 21, 2017

Motion to adopt the minutes proposed by Stephen, seconded by Crystal.  Carried.  


Item Three- Director’s Reports

Directors Report: President / Building Committee-Lawrie Robb

None at this time

Directors Report: Vice President-Rod Hausberg

None at this time

Directors Report: Park Maintenance-Alex McKinnon

See Attached via. E-mail

Directors Report: Webmaster/Social Media liaison-Stephen Parslow

None at this time


Item Four -Business Arising

  1. Applying for variance with municipality is in works. Still need photo’s and walls. No new fundraising news. Signing Authority is: Dennis Paquette, Lawrie Robb, Gretchen Meyer. Braefoot and Airport have donated $500 each, still waiting on Rotary cheque for $48. Crystal to forward Sandy Rotary contact info.
  2. “Trick Jump” needs engineering (wooden lip into mulch pit) Rod to investigate and get photo’s using Nanaimo as example. Michelle Corfield needs to be contacted as well.
  3. Maintenance update: See attached Maintenance report.


Item Five – New Business

  1. Lawrie and Sandy are organizing calendar to be shown on website: Monthly meetings to take place-June 20th, July 18th, Aug 15th. Panorama has donated 6 meeting spaces / year at Greenglade Community Centre. Maintenance Day’s have been scheduled: June 4th 11am-2pm, June 11th 11am-2pm, July 9th 10am-12pm, Aug 13 10am-12pm. End of Year pump track race needs paperwork submitted to municipality. TBD.
  2. Cliff to re-do entrance sign with updated map. Fence sign needs a total refresh, Lawrie will contact speedpro to get a 2ft by 2ft sign similar to banner, with new logo and current email, website, facebook, donation info, as well as Maintenance Day info, with dates and times. Edan Stedman will do some artwork.
  3. Motion: Lawrie moved that Edan Stedman, Daniel Stedman, and Tao Craig be adopted as members at large, seconded by Sandy. Carried.


Item Six – Next Meeting

June 20th, 2017. Greenglade Community Centre


Item Seven – Adjournment

Lawrie motioned to adjourn, 7:44pm